Intervention Programs


At Lobethal Primary School we implement a program called Quicksmart, developed by the University of New England in NSW, to assist students struggling to meet numeracy targets.

The primary aim of the QuickSmart intervention is to develop automaticity and sessions include a variety of short, focused activities that aim to increase students’ strategy use and improve their automatic recall of basic number facts across all four operations.

For more information, please refer to the Quicksmart website.


Readup is a program that was developed in-house at Lobethal Primary School to assist students struggling to meet literacy targets.

The aim of the program is to improve the automaticity of word recognition and fluency in the reading of connected texts. Sessions are structured to include a number of short and focused activities aimed at improving students’ speed of word recognition, reading fluency, and comprehension skills.


Students requiring academic extension are catered for through immersion in upper-level classes, or the provision of tailored extension work within their existing class.