Early Learning

In the Early Years – Reception / Year One / Year Two

When students start school in Reception they are provided with a supportive learning environment that builds on the Developmental Learning Outcomes.

To achieve these outcomes teachers build trusting relationships with students and use encouragement and support to enable them to become independent and responsible learners.

The initial focus is explicit teaching of the class and school routines so that students can be successful in engaging with the curriculum. The teaching and learning of social skills that teach children how to interact and relate to others become part of every day.

An engaging and active learning environment is provided through a comprehensive and contextual program that;

  • Develops creativity
  • Encourages participation
  • Encourages healthy practices
  • Motivates learners
  • Incorporates new technologies

Teachers use a range of methodologies and strategies to support abilities and needs of learners and plan for individual, small group and whole class learning including;

  • Modelling
  • Demonstrating
  • Opportunity for repetition and practise
  • Focus group teaching (eg Guided Reading)
  • Sharing and self assessment
  • Ongoing assessment
  • Class management (grouping of children, motivation and engagement)

As students move toward Year 2 they develop more independent learning skills and begin to work at a more complex level. They are more able to manage and organise their personal belongings and school materials. Students may begin to work within individual contracts and are supported in developing more sophisticated group skills.

We recognise the Early Years as fundamental in building a solid foundation for student wellbeing and positive learning and social habits.