Outdoor Classroom








Our Outdoor Classroom program, incorporating a large food garden, chooks, compost bays, worm farm, mud-brick pizza oven, native garden and frog pond, is aimed at promoting, demonstrating and educating sustainable living concepts to our students and our wider community. During Outdoor Classroom sessions students work in small groups with an adult volunteer in eitherPlanting Seedlings the food or native garden; preparing a dish to be shared with the rest of the class at the end of the session; or looking after the chooks, compost or worms.

Students not only grow, maintain and harvest produce from the garden – they also cook with it, either in an outdoor cooking session where the results are shared with the class, or in Monday Munchies.

Watching a child’s face when they taste something from the garden that they “don’t like” and discover that it is actually yummy is one of the great moments of our outdoor classroom sessions.